Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Mulberry Tree in My Front Yard

The mulberry tree in my front yard
A week ago, black berries began falling from the tree in my front yard. They looked delicious,but my better senses warned me about eating anything wild that I was unfamiliar with. What if they were poison berries! I sure k
new that the birds were eating them by the blueish splatters all over my driveway and house! Until
a couple of days ago, I resisted the temptation to give them a try. That is, until one of my young neighbors asked if she could pick a couple! "What are they," I asked. "Kuwanomi" she replied. A quick look on Jim Breen`s WWWJDIC (the holy grail of Japanese dictionaries), revealed that there was a mulberry tree growing in my front yard!
The berries are plump and juicy. Their flavor is sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, but always delicious. My hands, and garden boots are stained blue.

The mulberry tree is fertile and full. There are enough berries for me to eat my fill, bake a new dish every night, freeze berries for future use and leave some for the birds!

Last night I baked a cobbler with freshly picked mulberries.

Recipe for Mulberry Cobbler
2 cups mulberries, de-stemmed
1/4 cup melted butter (or 1/8th cup, if you are trying to lay off the butter)
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup flour
2tsp baking powder
3/4 cup milk
1/8 cup sugar to sprinkle on top
1. Preheat oven to 350F (~180C)
2. Mix sugar, flour, baking powder and milk
3. Pour melted butter into a baking pan ( even better, melt the butter in the pan while preheating the oven)
4. pour batter into the pan. do not mix with the butter.
5. pour the berries over the batter. If the berries are very tart, sprinkle more sugar over the top.
6. bake for half an hour, or until the batter has risen and has formed a nice crust.
This batter works well for any fruit. One of my favorite cobblers is peach and blueberry.  Adjust the amount of sugar based on the sweetness of your fruit!

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