Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Lately, my family has been frequenting our local farmer's market. The fruits and vegetables we've picked up at the famer's market have gone into all kinds of dishes. Chili rellanos, pizzas, roasted potatoes, calabacitas, peach cobblers, the list goes on! This Sunday I made a tomato, feta and spinach quiche. My family had leftover quiche for dinner yesterday and I packed the last slice in my lunch today. Sitting in the sun while eating a slice of cold quiche was one of the high points of my day!


No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread

My first attempts at making yeast bread without the aid of a bread maker were, well, a bit of a disaster. My crusty white bread usually turned out to be a dense flavorless mess. The positive overwhelmingly positive response to the No Knead Bread recipe printed in the NY Times a couple of years ago prompted me to lift my self imposed white bread ban and once again try my hand a baking bread. The results were brilliant. Four ingredients and 16 hours of waiting yielded crusty, chewy and flavorful bread. Now it's five months later and I'm on my 10th loaf. My family can't get enough!

The end result.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Crunchy in Japan

I spent my year abroad in Japan. While in Japan, I had many delicious and crunchy things. I might not have learned the amount of kanji I should have...but I did learn to navigate the farmer's markets, read Japanese recipes, and find the best places to grab a bite in town from locals!

A street on the Okayama University campus covered with crunchy leaves during autumn.